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Barn Quilt Painting Class – Jan 31

January 31, 2018 @ 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm


VISIT BARNSANDBREWS.COM WEBPAGE TO RESERVE YOUR SPOT IN A CLASS. ** You do not have a confirmed spot until you get a confirmation email – Call if questions **

Paint your own customized 2’ x 2’ barn quilt on exterior grade aluminum. Select your design from our catalog on the Barns & Brews Facebook page. We draw the design for you and you paint it in any color(s)* that you pick the day of the class using high gloss professional grade sign painters lettering enamel. No skill required!!! Anybody can do it. The sign is lightweight and can be hung inside or outside without any further treatment.

PRICING AND CLASS SIZE: Classes are limited to 24 people. $50 per person. Additional charges for custom lettering or designs. We provide all the supplies.

HOW TO SIGN UP: First come first served! Classes fill up fast!! Submit the form on BARNS & BREWS webpage http://www.barnsandbrews.com/classes.html with your name, email address, date of class you would like to attend, and your design choice. You will be notified in 24-48 hours if your spot in the class is confirmed. Be sure to include any special requests or customizations (extra charges apply). You will be notified in the return confirmation email if the customizations are approved. If the class is full, you will be notified via email. If you do not receive a confirmation email, feel free to email [email protected] or text Deanna (319-560-6789). You do not have a confirmed spot until you receive a confirmation email. We apologize if you cannot get into a class. We are scheduling as many as we can to fit everyone in.

HOW TO PAY: Bring cash or check the day of the class. We cannot take cards at this time. Be sure to confirm and pay for any customizations at the beginning of the class.

WHAT TO BRING: All you need to bring is your creativity and a beverage of your choice (alcoholic or non). Be sure to wear painting clothes or smocks. This paint does not wash out!

DESIGN SELECTION: The current catalog is located on the BARNS & BREWS Facebook page and on the BARNS & BREWS webpage http://www.barnsandbrews.com/catalog.html. On the Facebook page, it should be on the main feed or in the PHOTOS section under the Album entitled CATALOG. Each design has a number. The catalog shows different variations of a single design. We only need to know the number of the design you like. We can make the variations the day of the class. Submit your design choice on the BARNS & BREWS webpage as soon as possible to reserve your spot. Colors are selected the day of the class. We periodically post new designs on our FB page. These can also be painted in the class even if they aren’t in the catalog yet.

Each design will have a difficulty designation:
(E) = Easy (I) = Intermediate (D) = Difficult

Intermediate = Includes curved lines to cut and/or some color-next-to-color freehand painting.
Difficult = Includes lots of curved lines to cut and/or lots of color-next-to-color freehand painting.

*COLOR SELECTION: When picking your colors, keep in mind that due to the drying time of the enamel paint and the process we use to paint the signs, it is best not to paint color next to color. Color-next-to-color painting requires a steady hand and freehand painting. The colors may run and bleed into each other. Therefore, it is best to keep white space between each color. There are a few designs in our catalog with some color-next-to-color painting which takes a steady hand, but the majority of them are easy enough for any novice.

PRIVATE PARTIES: Private parties can be scheduled with a minimum of 10 people. The parties can be held at the Mount Vernon Community Center for a $30 room rental. If you want a private party at the Community Center, you pay the $30. You can bring snacks and drinks (alcoholic or non). If you do not have 10 or do not want to pay the $30 room rental for a private class, we can open up the class to the public to fill the empty spots up to 16 people and we will pay the $30 Community Center charge.

CUSTOMIZATIONS: Some customizations hand painted and/or designed by Hugh Hoffman can be made to the barn quilts with pre-approval. Minimal customizations such as the addition of a letter on Design # 10 or #13 is an additional $10 charge. Custom designs not included in our catalog can be done if approved by Hugh for an additional $20 as long as they do not have a lot of color-next-to-color painting and if they can be designed to work with the BARNS & BREWS method. Submit any customizations with your design choice when reserving your spot. Approval will be sent in your return confirmed email.

CONTACT: If you have questions, please contact us via our BARNS & BREWS Facebook page or webpage http://www.barnsandbrews.com/contact.html. Or text or call Deanna (319) 560-6789.



January 31, 2018
6:30 pm - 8:30 pm
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