Qoya LAST Saturday Series – Co-Hosted by Dance Arts Iowa

Group of women dancing

Through movement, we remember. We remember our essence as Wise, Wild and Free.

Qoya invites women of all ages, backgrounds and experience levels to come and move. We focus on how it feels, not how it looks.  There is no expectation and no worry about not knowing how to do something.

Come take the opportunity to nurture and nourish yourself through movement, sharing, and laughter.   If you can breathe, you can dance Qoya. Dance with us!

This new Qoya series is happening in Mount Vernon on the last Saturday of the month, January-May. We’ll dance from 9 am – 10:30 am.

Come for one session, or all of them. Come whenever it fits your schedule.

Co-hosted by Dance Arts Iowa and Studio Sadie, and led by Mount Vernon native Sarah Sadie (formerly Martin).

Cost:  Only $20 per class, can be paid upon arrival.

Questions: Contact Dance Arts Iowa at (319) 558-9202 or Sarah at sarahsadie@atodonata.com

Click the picture below for more info:

Qoya - Iowa logo

Cory Booker for President – Meet and Greet with Cory

photo of Cory Booker at campaign event

We are pleased to announce that this Thursday, January 9th at 2:30 PM – 4:30 PM U.S. Senator and Democratic candidate for president Cory Booker will be available to discuss his vision for Iowa and the rest of the country as he campaigns for the 2020 Democratic nomination.

The meet and greet will be held in the Library at the First Street Community Center.

From the Cory for Iowa Facebook page:

In America, our spirit is being tested by those who want to tear us apart. We have a choice to make: break into factions or rise in common purpose.  Join our campaign, and we will rise together:  corybooker.com/join.

Join Cory Booker in Mount Vernon where he’ll share his vision to empower Iowa by expanding opportunity and justice in every community. Doors open at 2:00.

Follow Cory as he travels from river to river reminding Iowans that together, we will rise.  #IowaRise

For more information about this event:  Cory Booker meet and greet in Mount Vernon, Iowa.

For more information about Cory Booker: CoryBooker.com

MVLCT – Auditions for These Shining Lives

Poster image for the Shining Lives audtions

Auditions for Mount Vernon-Lisbon Community Theatre’s spring production of These Shining Lives by Melanie Marnich will be held on Sunday, January 19 and Monday, January 20 at 7 PM in the Uptown Theatre.

Roles are available for a range of ages but actors need to be at least 18 years old. There are main roles for four women and two men; smaller roles may be filled by three women and two men. No preparation is necessary. Kami Zbanek Hill is directing.

Questions may be addressed to mvlcommunitytheatre@gmail.com.

These Shining Lives is a fictionalized account of the real life “Radium Girls” of the 1920s and ‘30s who painted watch faces with radioactive paint that glowed in the dark. The play centers around four women who work in the Radium Dial Company factory in Illinois and are exposed to toxic and deadly levels of radiation. Their story of bravery and determination to create better workplace conditions and safety regulations is an important but not widely known chapter in the social history of our country.

American playwright and television writer Melanie Marnich is best known for her work on HBO’s drama Big Love and the Showtime series The Big C.


  • Catherine Donohue (F) a worker at the factory
  • Charlotte (F) a worker at the factory
  • FRANCES (F) – a worker at the factory
  • PEARL (F) – a worker at the factory
  • Tom Donohue (M) — Catherine’s husband
  • MR. REED (M) – The overseer of the factory

Ensemble Roles

  • DR. ROWNTREE – He extols the benefits of radium to cure common illnesses
  • LEONARD GROSSMAN (M) – A brash lawyer
  • COMPANY DOCTOR – a pawn of the Radium Dial Company
  • RADIO ANNOUNCER –makes a performance out of selling radium to the public
  • DAUGHTER – Catherine’s daughter
  • SON – Catherine’s son
  • DR. DALITSCH – An incredibly honest doctor
  • JUDGE – Appears in the courtroom scene of Catherine’s trial versus the radium dial company
  • REPORTERS 1 & 2 – Speaks outside of the courthouse during Catherine’s lawsuit. They provide the opinion of the public

Two New Discussion Groups – Public Welcome

Inner Dimensional Engineering Agreement Sangha (IDEA Sangha)

We are a product of Evolution, a very slow process. Once evolved as Humans we progressed very rapidly through inventions which gave us a succession of ever improved tools for easier and yet easier living. All these inventions dealt with things around us. However, the evolutionary process being very, very slow our physiology and psychology have not kept up to deal with the consequences of what we have created. For example, various chemicals while most of them made our life easier also prove to be dangerous to health and environment. This has a compounding effect into the future affecting us and our children and so on.

This situation calls for our turning inwards to change our attitude to do what need to be done in directing Human evolution from now on for our survival. This is being Mindful.

Therefore, I have created a forum, Inner Dimensional Engineering Agreement Sangha (IDEA Sangha) for like minded people to discuss what attitudinal changes we are to adopt.

We will meet on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of each month at 1PM, in the Library.

Please address any questions to jpattur@gmail.com

Intelligent Discussion and Expression Association (IDEA)

I moved to Mount Vernon from Hawaii and am enjoying living in such close-knit community. I want to be involved and engage other community members toward a common understanding in these contentious times.

We all have lots of pent-up thoughts going nowhere and wasted. I have started a discussion forum, Intelligent Discussion and Expression Association (IDEA), for open dialogue on broad subjects — such as, “why we do things the way we do without a second thought?” — where people are free to express their innermost thoughts in a friendly surrounding and get response.

We meet on 2nd Mondays of each month at 6PM, in the Focus Room.

Please address any questions to jpattur@gmail.com