The Gymnasium


The Gymnasium is a multi-purpose event space, it was once a full-court wooden floored basketball gymnasium with adjustable height baskets. It has walls installed and been reconfigured to an easier to manage space that easily accommodates 50-200 people.  There is a ton of natural light in this space and we have recently upgraded the overhead lighting as well.

As a multi-purpose room it has no equal. It has been used for traveling art and history shows, juggling seminars, indoor farmer’s markets, flea markets and craft fairs, formal dinners, dances, auctions, class reunions, painting classes, birthday parties and even indoor archery practice.

There are approximately 270 linear feet of wall space available for displays and there are electrical outlets on every wall.  The space can be customized to a large degree to your personal needs.  It is commonly used for receptions, craft fairs, and other larger multi-person events.

If you wish to use it for a craft fair or multi-vendor marketspace it commonly accommodates 18-20 vendors in spaces of 10’x10′, 9’x9′ and 8’x10′ configurations.  We have up to 20 tables and 60 chairs available onsite, free of charge with your rental.

As with any space in our large building there are lots of FREE parking, overnight available.  You can bring in your own catering service or food  There is accessible parking and building entry, and the gymnasium is on the same level.  There is also complimentary Internet access via Wifi throughout the building.  This room can be locked for security.  There is a loading dock for easy deliveries.

Just like our other areas, this space must be returned to its original condition when you are finished. Please clean up after your event is done.

Space is scheduled according to availability on a first come first serve basis. Our Reservations menu has a “Gymnasium” link you can use to learn when this location is available.

The base rental fee for a one day event (8 hours) is $250. 

To schedule The Gymnasium, and learn further information about our rental policies, please Contact Us.