Transformation Fitness


Certified Personal Fitness Training & Yoga Instruction


We have the tools you need and want to begin the positive lifestyle change today

Location: Personal Training Studio on the ground floor
near the center stairs.
Hours: Personal Training Hours Monday- Friday by appointment only
Yoga class times vary, please see our website.
Phone: (319) 895-8408
Website: www.TransformationFitness.biz

Our clients gain the knowledge they need for a total lifestyle transformation.

  • Learn how to eat properly for fat loss and to achieve optimal health
  • Learn how to exercise safely and effectively for your unique body
  • Gain the skills you need to make this lifestyle change permanent

Don’t be surprised if you also experience decreases in blood pressure, cholesterol and/or blood sugar; an increase in self-esteem and confidence; and more energy and zest for life!

Are you ready to be transformed? Call (319) 895-8408 to get started.