Taegeuk MUSA – Martial Arts USA


Taekwondo, Hapkido, Weapons

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Feel the difference when you learn from the best

Location: On the ground floor,
in the Northwest corner,
near the gymnasium
Hours: Mon & Fri
Kids @ 5:30-6:10pm
Adult/Family @ 6:10-7pm
Phone: (319) 655-2503
Website: TaegeukMUSA.com
Facebook: Martial Arts-USA

TEAGEUK MUSA MARTIAL ARTS is dedicated to bring our students the most professional and inspirational experience available. Above all else though, our commitment is to one thing UNITY. Our vision for Teageuk Musa Martial Arts is unity among students, unity among staff, and unity within our community.

Now Accepting New Students:  Kids – age 8 and up, Adults – any age.

Cost of classes:  $60/mo, $40 uniform fee. Additional family members at reduced rate.

Our 3 main goals are:

– For our TAEKWONDO students is to provide superior instruction through dynamic classes while maintaining an enjoyable and constructive environment.

– For our staff is to recruit and train instructors of the highest quality and maintain a level of excellence throughout the organization. Through our vigorous instructor program, we teach instructors the importance of modernizing teaching methods.

– For the community is to build up strong individuals in our schools that are then able to develop and improve the communities they live in.

For more information call: (319) 655-2503.