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The First Street Community Center in Mount Vernon, Iowa is in for a grand show of active automotive history on Monday the 29th of June, 2015.  The Lincoln Highway Association is stopping in Mount Vernon at the Community Center for a lunch break.

The Lincoln Highway Association celebrates the “First Road Across America” with an automotive tour that takes dedicated automotive enthusiasts from all over the United States along portions of the Lincoln Highway system for a long distance automotive tour.  This year’s event starts in Detroit and runs to San Francisco.

tour_2015_logoWhen asked to describe this year’s Lincoln Highway tour, entitled “The Henry B. Joy Tour”, Rosemary Rubin (one of the Board of Directors) wrote the following, (NOTE: minor edits were made to remove text referring to a different subject):

We are excited about returning to Mount Vernon. Iowa is a special state on the Lincoln Highway. We always get a great welcome there… The tour is designed to honor the 100th anniversary of the trip Henry B. Joy took to reach the Pan Pacific exhibition in San Francisco in 1915. He and his group took 23 days. Our tour is 12 days on the road.

We will visit some of the same places he did. One is Belle Plaine where he stayed overnight. Our stop will be after lunch in Mount Vernon, not overnight. That evening we will have dinner at Niland’s Cafe and stay overnight in Ames.

There are about 45 cars on the tour, but they do not travel in a caravan. They will arrive over about 1 hour. They are all gathering at the Old Middle School in Mount Vernon for lunch. Not all are antiques and Classics, but there are several Packards and other old cars with us.

We have about 90 people participating that day. There are over 100 folks with us through out the 12 days, but some come for only a part of the tour…

This is the third Lincoln Highway Association tour to visit Mount Vernon. You can tell we like your town.

– Rosemary

Many of the tour’s participants have sent in photos of their classic automobiles to their website, Rosemary has kindly given permission for me to show you some of them here as well.

NOTE: You can click on the any of the photos for a better view of the car.

You can see more of the cars that will be on the tour here. You can learn more about the Lincoln Highway Association here.

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