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Starmites Auditions

Announcing auditions for the MVLCT Fall Show Starmites


Sunday, August 5th at 7pm
Monday, August 6th at 7pm


Uptown Theatre in the First Street Community Center


Prepare a minute of any song, to be sang acapella or bring a karaoke track if you want! This show is silly and over the top (think comic book come to life), so be ready to have fun! All casting is extremely flexible. See a part you’d like to play? Show us what you got! Can’t make it to auditions? Email [email protected] to set something up!

About the Show

Written By: Barry Keating and Stuart Ross (Forever Plaid)
Directed By: Joseph Williams
Music Director: Rebecca Fields-Moffitt
Show dates: Oct. 5 – 7th, 12th – 14th

Starmites, a delightfully over the top sci-fi 80’s rock musical, uses a fantasy world to drive home sweet and poignant lessons about the awkwardness of growing up when you don’t quite fit in. Outsider, Eleanor Fairchild has built a an imaginary world around the sci-fi comic books she collects. On the same day her Mom convinces her to give up her fantasy of becoming a superhero, Eleanor instead finds herself mysteriously thrust into the world of her favorite comic book, Starmites. She lands in the middle of the battle between evil villain Shak Graa, and the Starmites, guardians of Inner Space. She and the Starmites team up on a quest to keep power out of Shak Graa’s greedy hands. Along the way they meet a colorful assortment of Bowie-esque villains including the flamboyant Diva, Queen of Inner Space and her Banshee warriors – Destiny’s Childish sirens.

Character Breakdown

On Earth:
Eleanor Fairchild: An outsider who escapes the cruelty of high school by losing herself in the world of her favorite comic book heroes, the Starmites. She dreams of one day becoming a super hero herself. (Also plays Milady and Bizarabra – Must be able to distinguish between all three characters.) Think: Sarah from The Labyrinth mixed with Max from Stranger Things
Gender: Female
Age: 18 – 35
Scripted Vocal Range: Mezzo Soprano

Eleanor’s Mother: An unassuming woman who loves her daughter and awaits the day when she will grow out of her comic book craze. (Also plays Diva.)
Gender: Female or Male (plays female)
Age: 30+

In Inner Space:
Milady: Eleanor’s confident, self possessed alter ego and superhero of Innerspace. This girl could rule the universe, she just doesn’t know it yet. (Also plays Eleanor and Bizarabra). Think: Eleven from Stranger Things
Gender: Female
Age: 18 – 35

The Starmites: The over the top main characters of Eleanor’s favorite comic books. A band of space youths dedicated to fighting the deadly forces of the Universe. They include:

Space Punk: The hero, captain of the Starmites, and the heart throb of the Universe. He’s an 80’s heart throb, but totally a feminist. (Think: A cross between Steve Harrington from Stranger Things and David Bowie).
Gender: Male
Age: 18 – 35

S’up S’up Sensaboi: The organized and methodical member of the group. He/she plays by the rules.
Gender: Male or Female
Age: Any age

Digetty Razzledazzle: The bumbling show-off of the group. Openly expresses his/her feelings. Raps Hamilton style.
Gender: Male or Female
Age: Any age

Ack Ack Hackerax: The tough one. He/she is second in command.
Gender: Male or Female
Age: Any age

Shak Graa: Flamboyantly fabulous High Priest Of Chaos, determined to destroy both Earth and Innerspace. (Also plays Trinkulus)
Gender: Male or Female
Age: Any Age

Trinkulus: A reptilian minstrel, once slave to Shak Graa now serving as guide to the Starmites. (Also plays Shak Graa)
Gender: Male or Female
Age: Any Age

Diva: Imposing and powerful Queen of Innerspace (the name says it all), but also a loving and worried mother of Bizarbra. Think: Tina Turner combined with Winnie from ‘Hocus Pocus.’ (Also plays Eleanor’s Mother.)
Gender: Male or Female (will play female)
Age: 30+

Bizarbara: Awkward and shy daughter of Diva and the mirror opposite of Eleanor, she spends her days getting lost in comic books about earth and day dreaming of leading an ordinary life. (Also plays Eleanor and Milady).
Gender: Female
Age: 18+

The Banshees: These ladies are the Destiny’s Child of Inner Space and henchmen to Diva. Together they rock one of the most epic songs of the show, Ravenous. All Banshees will have lines/solo if the choose. (Think: The Sanderson Sisters from Hocus Pocus).

Gender: Any
Age: Any

Shotzi: Diva’s sergeant of arms.
Balbraka: She delights in terrorizing the Starmites.
Canibelle: She delights in devouring the Starmites.
Maligna: She delights in torturing the Starmites.

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