Two New Discussion Groups – Public Welcome

Inner Dimensional Engineering Agreement Sangha (IDEA Sangha)

We are a product of Evolution, a very slow process. Once evolved as Humans we progressed very rapidly through inventions which gave us a succession of ever improved tools for easier and yet easier living. All these inventions dealt with things around us. However, the evolutionary process being very, very slow our physiology and psychology have not kept up to deal with the consequences of what we have created. For example, various chemicals while most of them made our life easier also prove to be dangerous to health and environment. This has a compounding effect into the future affecting us and our children and so on.

This situation calls for our turning inwards to change our attitude to do what need to be done in directing Human evolution from now on for our survival. This is being Mindful.

Therefore, I have created a forum, Inner Dimensional Engineering Agreement Sangha (IDEA Sangha) for like minded people to discuss what attitudinal changes we are to adopt.

We will meet on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of each month at 1PM, in the Library.

Please address any questions to jpattur@gmail.com

Intelligent Discussion and Expression Association (IDEA)

I moved to Mount Vernon from Hawaii and am enjoying living in such close-knit community. I want to be involved and engage other community members toward a common understanding in these contentious times.

We all have lots of pent-up thoughts going nowhere and wasted. I have started a discussion forum, Intelligent Discussion and Expression Association (IDEA), for open dialogue on broad subjects — such as, “why we do things the way we do without a second thought?” — where people are free to express their innermost thoughts in a friendly surrounding and get response.

We meet on 2nd Mondays of each month at 6PM, in the Focus Room.

Please address any questions to jpattur@gmail.com

Drag Race to the Polls – Cornell College [alliance]

December 6 @ 6:30 pm in the Uptown Theatre

a rainbow with a star

Hosted by Cornell College’s [alliance]Drag Race to the Polls is a student run and performed drag extravaganza.  Please join us for a night of voter registration, drag, fundraising, and more!

Suggested donation of $5 for admission, all proceeds go to the Willis Dady Homeless Services.

The Iowa Caucus is right around the corner and we’re shaking things up. The evening will include voter registration, games, trivia, information about caucusing, speakers from Cornell and Willis Dady Homeless Services, drag king and queen performances, and more!

All are welcome, come drop it like it’s hot with [alliance], or sit in a chair and enjoy the show!

The show starts at 6:30 pm at the Uptown Theater.   Seating is general admission and the house opens at 6:00 pm.

About Cornell College [alliance]

Cornell College [alliance] is dedicated to education, service and activism within and in support of the LGBTQIA+ community.  We proudly provide support for the LGBTQIA+ community on campus and in neighboring communities.

Additionally, we provide education to the Cornell community at large through workshops, music performances, discussions, dances, documentaries and other events. We exist to advocate for and work within the demands of the community we serve.

Don’t Miss the Mount Vernon Farmer’s Market – Indoor/Winter Season 2019-2020

Saturdays 10am – 12pm in the First Street Community Center

photo of fall vegetables on display

It may be cold and snowy outside! But it’ll be nice and warm inside the First Street Community Center for the first indoor market of the season! Come and visit this Saturday, Nov. 2nd from 10am – noon for the start of the indoor farmers’ market inside the First Street Community Center! (Insert wild cheering and applause here)

We are expecting some great things including but not limited to honey, baked goods, produce including gourmet mushrooms, arts and crafts, and more!

Bring your kids, your friends, and a stray neighbor or two! We have a variety of vendors and a plethora of delicious items from which to choose. Stock the cupboards and fill the pantry, it is time for the Mt. Vernon Winter Farmers Market!

Our market is a thriving little community of entrepreneurs. All our products are raised, produced, or created right here in the surrounding community by the person selling them on the other side of the table.

Beautiful vegetables, delicious artisan breads, jams and jellies. We have several different varieties of local, grass-fed meats as well as farm fresh eggs available.  Dried beans, fresh ground cornmeal, popcorn, and meat seasoning mixes!

Gluten-free products and tasty treats are here, along with honey, shag-bark hickory nuts, walnuts and dry herbs.

Hand-dipped chocolates, exquisite hats, scarves and baby items. Handcrafted jewelry is a must-see, perfect for gifts.

Be sure to stop by and see us!

If you have any questions, please Call (319) 560-1391 or Email mtvernonfm@yahoo.com.

Be sure to stop inside the First Street Community Center to check out all the fantastic shops as well!

Live Music – Kevin Burt – Heartland and Soul

We are thrilled to announce that we will have Iowa’s very own internationally recognized Blues and Soul Singer/Songwriter, Kevin Burt performing live in the Uptown Theatre on Saturday, November 16 @ 7:30 pm.

Iowa-based Kevin Burt’s vocals, blues songwriting and music arrangements are absolutely amazing – extremely powerful, rich, warm, expressive and exploding with SOUL!

For more than 25 years Kevin Burt has been electrifying audiences throughout the Midwest dispelling the myth that true blues has no roots in Iowa. His soul-inspired presentation is unique which consistently get him compared to a range of artists like Bill Withers and Aaron Neville, with the ability to build an audience rapport that has been compared to B.B. King.

Kevin is a self-taught musician (vocals, harmonica, and guitar) whose smooth, warm vocal presentation sets a mood of relaxed exhilaration, with a welcome mixture of serious music and infectious humor audiences of all ages enjoy. His voice and presence are powerful. His unique delivery ranges from the sweetest, fullest, juiciest come-on to the most playful growl.

He is a 2018 International Blues Challenge Winner in 3 categories:  1st place Solo/Duo, best Solo/Duo guitarist, & best Harmonica Player award.  Recently also a 2019 Blues Music Award Nominee for Debut Album.

Kevin performs between 325 and 400 shows a year, and he holds nothing back night after night and audiences love that – and they return again and again for more!

Burt is a serious songwriter who knows how to craft music to fit his personality, and no one delivers this brand of music better than he does. After listening to Heartland and Soul, one should have no problem seeing why he took all the top honors at the blues competition – this guy is a real winner. –  Living Blues

In this day and age where celebrity status is often conveyed on people with little discernible skills or talent, it is refreshing when the spotlight finally lands on someone who has worked hard, paid their dues, and actually deserves recognition for their talent. Such is the case with Kevin “B.F.” Burt, the singer and multi-instrumentalist who created quite a buzz on Beale St. in Memphis during the first three days of this year’s International Blues Challenge, winning 3 awards !! – 1st place in the Slolo/Duo category, the Cigar Box Guitar Award for best guitarist in Solo/Duo category, and the Lee Oskar Award for best harmonica player!” – Mark Thompson, BLUES BLAST MAGAZINE

Kevin’s talent, character (and luck, he would tell you) have taken him to the top of the industry. His new Heartland and Soul album was recorded with the nationally known top sidemen. D’Mar Martin on drums, Jon Otis (Johnny Otis’ son!) on percussion, and the bassist to the stars, Jerry Jemmott! Grammy award winning Jemmott is a true living legend, playing on so many timeless soul, blues, & jazz classics, from B.B. King’s “Thrill Is Gone” to Gil Scott Heron’s “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised” to Aretha Franklin’s “Think”.

He has also won many awards and played many festivals, both solo and with his band – The Instigators. His awards include Best Entertainer in Iowa City (three times) Best Band in Iowa City (three times) Iowa Blues Challenge Champions, Named as one of the top 25 unsigned blues bands in the world by the International Blues Challenge Competition.

In addition, Kevin is recognized as one of the Midwest’s top blues heritage educators. Governor Chet Culver gave this honor to him in February ‘09. Kevin is a registered artist, and artist educator with the state of Iowa Arts Council.

He has also written and published a classroom harmonica method book called “Just Play It: an introduction to blues harmonica.” His approach is simple: education through entertainment.  His program has been going strong since 1994. Kevin continues this work as well as his community work with children and the arts.


$20 Gen. Admission/$50 VIP Seating/Student $5. Door or via the web – https://kevinburt.bpt.me

Questions:  Call  Nancy Emrich Freeman, 518-576-9513

Kevin Burt’s Website


For further information, high-res photographs, interview arrangements, contact Nicole Brown Burt Via Facebook; or Nancy Emrich Freeman by text or phone, 518-576-9513.

LilFest Music Series at the Uptown Theatre

Photo of LilFest - Bear LogoThe LilFest Series brings world quality performances to intimate concert settings which are best for both the audience and the performer. Kevin Burt follows in the footsteps of performers like Freebo, Ellis Paul, Tim Grimm, Phil Heywood, Radoslav Lorković, Claudia Nygaard, Chuck Mitchell, Dave Moore, and Suzie Vinnick.

LilFest brings extraordinary music into an intimate setting, with an opportunity to meet the musicians, hear a great performance, listen, laugh, have a memorably musical evening.

Re-use or buy an Uptown Theatre sippy Cup ($5) from the Uptown Theatre, fill it with your beverage of choice, and stroll right in.

**  Audience members are invited to reserve an early dinner before the concert at the Palisades Café, mention LilFest, and receive the evening’s LilFest special.  **