Chad Elliott – Children’s Musical-Story-Telling Show


chad elliottThis Sunday, April 26, 2015 at 1pm the First Street Community Center in Mount Vernon, Iowa get’s quite the exciting treat for children of all ages.  A Children’s musical story-telling show with Chad Elliott will be held in the Library.

The “Wilderman’s Treetop Tales” children’s show has been a school and library hit across the midwest.

“You certainly have inspired and connected with many of our students. It was amazing to watch you make each child feel special with their ideas. It was fun to see their eyes light up and feel like they mattered!”
– Joan Fredrickson, Panorama Community Schools.

“The children were talking about the concert today and making up their own songs. He made quite an impression!”
– Patty Hummel, Allison Public Library.

Chad Elliott is an International Award-winning Songwriter who’s musical storytelling intertwines with beautiful artwork and a corresponding children’s book to create a modern traveling bard/minstrel storytelling experience that is truly enthralling to experience.

Even though you don’t have to be a child to enjoy this performance, perhaps you should bring them along, just to give you a cover-story to attend the show.  You won’t want to miss the opportunity to see through the eyes of a child when they experience a story brought to life in such a lively and energetic performance.

Here is a YouTube video from Wildermansbooks.com showing a few brief snippets from some of Chad’s shows:

You can buy tickets at the door of the event or in advance at:

  • Helios @ Old School Shops in the First Street Community Center
  • Mike @ Baumann’s on First St. SW, in Mount Vernon, Iowa

Tickets can also be purchased on the web at http://chadelliottchildrensshow.bpt.me.

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