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Diana Kain, MA, CCC-A and Dr. Jennifer Reekers, AuD

Diana Kain, MA, CCC-A and Dr. Jennifer Reekers, AuD would like to invite you to a free Heartland Hearing Center educational event held in the First Street Community Center’s Library meeting space on Friday, November 20th from 9:30am – 11:30am.

Dr. Reekers, AuD says:

As our community grows, we see more and more confusion about hearing loss, tinnitus and hearing aids. Given there is no clear path for hearing healthcare, we often find people wondering where to go and who to trust. Our #1 goal at Heartland Hearing Center is to educate and empower our community (or anyone curious about hearing loss, tinnitus or hearing aids) with accurate information regarding their hearing health.

At our educational event we provide hearing screenings and cover numerous topics including basic ear anatomy and physiology, tinnitus, types of hearing loss, hearing aid styles, hearing aid technology, and the side effects of untreated hearing loss. Most people are unaware of the most recent John Hopkins research, which reveals a direct correlation between hearing loss and memory, dementia, and balance/falling. Additionally, many people are unaware of the fact the Iowa law makes it possible for almost anyone to sell hearing aids. There are two types of providers that can sell/dispense hearing aids in the state of Iowa; however, there is a significant difference between the amount of training, knowledge and level of education when comparing these two provider types.

At Heartland Hearing Center, our practice consists of two audiologists, Dr. Jennifer Reekers and Diana Kain, with a combined 20 years of professional audiology training and experience from a variety of hospitals and private practices within the Cedar Rapids and Iowa City communities. Lack of quality customer service and proper education are the main reasons we chose to open our own practice. We are passionate about hearing loss, hearing education and hearing aid technology, as we both became audiologists given of our own personal experiences with hearing loss. Dr. Jen has had hearing loss since childhood and presently wears a hearing aid. Diana’s older brother has had severe hearing loss since 18 months of age, giving her firsthand appreciation for hearing health. We operate from a philosophy that hearing is healthcare and an essential part of your hearing success stems from the relationship with your provider.

Our event is free and open to the public, appropriate for any adult interested in learning about hearing loss, tinnitus and hearing aid technology whether for themselves, a friend or family member. People may visit our website www.heartlandhearingiowa.com for more information regarding our practice. If interested in attending the event, please call (319) 409-5786 to RSVP prior to the event, but those discovering the event at the last minute may also attend.

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