Little Liberated Library


Nellie Morf Created the Little Liberated Library

Nellie is a Junior at Cornell College in Mount Vernon, IA and was inspired to create The Little Liberated Library by a discussion in her political science class of recent Iowa legislation banning certain books from public school libraries.

The Little Free Libraries are normally located next to sidewalks and on front lawns of private residents. Nellie decided to locate her Little Liberated Library in the front entrance of the First Street Community Center located at 221 1st Street NE in Mount Vernon.

As a result of the discussion in her college political science class and remembering her earlier discussions in high school, Nellie wants to make certain books with the subject matter of inclusion available to the public. The books in Little Liberated Library may or may not be listed as a banned book but they are books about inclusion for all people regardless of race, gender or ethnicity. The First Street Community Center (FSCC) is a privately owned community center that is open to the public. The Little Liberated Library is located inside the front entrance of FSCC.

The books currently in the library are donated and, while not required, Nellie would like the books returned after reading them.

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