ROOTS – A New Play Festival at the Uptown Theatre


Tonight @7:30, running from March 8th – 10th

The Mount Vernon-Lisbon Community Theatre’s new play festival centers around the theme of Roots. This idea has been expressed in numerous ways from the roots of evil to familial roots to the foundations of community theatre itself.

With eleven different plays from eleven different local Eastern Iowa writers, Roots: A New Play Festival is sure to be grounded in great midwestern theatre and stem plenty of theatrical ingenuity.

Each play is listed below with their cast.

Please come out and support your favorite local actors, writers and directors!

All Evil Inc by Kelli Massey
The dashing and daring Captain Man is in a dastardly duel with the Root of All Evil, but all is not what it seems.
CAST:  Lisa Smith, Elijah Webster

Home by Eva Giacomo
Past becomes present as an event draws two ex’s together.
CAST:  Jordan Ray Hogan, Kate Margheim

Past Tense by Barbara Lau
CAST:  Michelle Hinz

Some Surprise by Amy White
A birthday doesn’t go quite as planned against the backdrop of the 1920s … with Puppets
CAST:  Allyssa Jubeck, Maria McAlexander, Amy White

Not Doing Christmas by Kristin Schneider
Sisters discuss plans for Christmas, but the talk quickly veers into the news of the day.
CAST:  Amanda Bishop, Nicole McAlexander

Loving Addison and Dealing with Teenage Angst in 1946: The Musical by Tristan Maynard
The show must go on even when a disgruntled actor steps in.
CAST:  Kaylynn Burgin, Jasper Rood, Elijah Webster

Weeding by Brian Tanner
Life Lessons in Gardening.
CAST:  Michelle Hinz, Jordan Ray Hogan, Jasper Rood, Boede Stoops, Steve Weiss

Mock Trial/Real Error by Elijah Jones
A father & son confront the past.
CAST:  Craig Jarvie, Tristan Maynard

This is a Bad Idea by Grant Freeman
A wacky and weird community theatre selects their final show for their upcoming season.
CAST:  Kim Benesh, Bill Croghan, Grant Freeman, Braden JP Rood, Amy White

Memory by Chris Okishi
Memory is a fickle beast, especially when you’re losing it.
CAST:  Shauna Daub, Lisa Smith

Untitled Interview by Tony Craine
An elderly woman learns of her family’s history.

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